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drop of it. extremenot siee as weather. 57% humidity downtown. we will talk about how warm and humid it will be anyone -- and when the next chance for rain will be. >> the republican-led house passed their version of lead have died hours later in the senate. >> three days left in the annals man tells us where congress will go next. -- and steve handlesman tells us. >> the aye's are 59. >> this is almost an out of body experience. >> all eyes on mitch mcconnell. only he can fast-track the debate. >> we know the senate is the
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only way out of this mess. >> speaker john boehner complained he had a bipartisan deal with president obama that included tax hikes. >> i stuck my head out 1 mile. i put revenues on the table. in order to try and come to an agreement to avoid as being where we are. a lot of people in this town can never say "yes." >> john boehner beard to the bright including a balanced budget balanced budget constitutional amendment to get the support of tea partiers. most in the senate said no new amendment. >> this is the most outrageous suggestion i have heard. >> president obama insisted it weekend compromise is possible. >> this is not a situation where the two parties are miles apart. we are in rough agreement about how much spending can be cut responsibly. >> less than 100 hours left.
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mcconnell signaled he will be ready to make a deal but only if you can negotiate directly with obama. >> from capitol hill, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the democrat told us he moved to kill the measure to help set the stage for a bipartisan compromise. >> we need to put the debt ceiling behind us through 2012. the debt ceiling is arbitrary and we already incurred these bills and we need to pay them. i want to see a credible plan to lead us to deal with our budget deficit which needs to be comprehensive and fair. those are the two goals we have to accomplish. >> congressman cummings stopped by our studio after voting against the speaker's bill and says his constituents are littvid. >> they are worried.
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seniors are worried about their social security checks. students are worried about student loans. homeowners are worried about their mortgage payments going up. people are worried. i agree with them that we ought to be able to get this done. >> for an in-depth look on the debt crisis, we double coverage on our website, >> two people were wounded in west baltimore. police survived on the scene on president street just after midnight. initial reports indicate they were wounded by a shotgun blast and no word on their identities or condition. city police are investigating another homicide after discovering a body in the car. it was found on his preston street on east baltimore. the victim is an older man who was shot and stuffed in a trunk. police are searching for a
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suspect and a motive. >> baltimore county police are looking into closing in middle river nightclub after second stabbing. a woman was stabbed on a fight -- on the dance floor. several people have been taken into custody, but so far no one has been charged. one week ago, a man was stabbed in but the parking lot. these incidents have the board is looking into whether the club can be shut down under the county's padlock law. >> anne arundel county police need your help to find the driver wanted in a hit and run. another driver took this picture of the car just moments after it hit a man on a bicycle. the driver left the scene just before 8:00 p.m. in annapolis. the victim was seriously injured and is recovering at shock trauma. but you can help police, you are asked to call metro crime
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stoppers at 866-7-lockup. >> still ahead, dr. kimmel answer your pet questions. >> no rain nearby. the insta-weather + forecast is for a relatively dry weekend. coming
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>> radar-wise, with a friend in the area, sometimes we would expect some rain, but the atmosphere is not conducive. most of this rain in west virginia has lightened up. some around pittsburgh and in ohio. there is a front sth of us now which may be the focus point for saran activity later today to
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our south. around baltimore, i do not think we will see any rain today. temperatures rise to 83 at the airport, 85 at the inner harbor. 63% humidity and that number is falling. the do. temperatures will start dropping off. -- the dew point temperatures are dropping off. yesterday was hot, 101 degrees. a new record for the day. 31 90 + days and 5 100 + days... and counting. readings move up into the epoxy in ocean city. 79 in westminster. 82 in frederick. temperatures moving now of the
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60's. frost byrd has already gotten up to 71 degrees. here is a little boundary, some clouds and wind up. this is the dry air coming in from the north. muggy air being pushed to the south. the wind will become northerly now. that front will stay to our south to route the weekend, washing out or stalling near the carolina-virginia line. there may be some storms popping up from time to time, but it looks like it will all be south of us as far as the activity is concerned. what is left of tropical storm don is in texas. it was pushed way south, most of it to mexico. it was not the drought buster they were hoping for. forecasters are watching the development of a wave in the atlantic ocean and this is showing promise of developing.
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computer models are putting this in the caribbean area by the end of the week. the forecast locally, partly cloudy skies, hot, not as humid, 90-95 with northwind is at 7 miles per hour. the futurecast shows wind to the south and developing along the front south of us. ocean city is right on the edge of some possible activity. monday we could have some rain. despite chance of rain in ocean city saturday and sunday. -- a slight chance of rain. here is a look at the forecast, if it will come up. there we go. 93 today. 921 sunday. rain chance monday and again at the end of the week. >> some local artists have been working on night on a new mural that will go up in hamilton.
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>> they finished up just in time for the hamilton street festival. what does this mural that you guys have created, ms. lansinger? >> this is the first of the horizontal murals on the streets in baltimore. we have been working with the department of transportation and a group of artists here in the hamilton area and a few other partners to just grcreate something artistic on the street. we want to create a common kind of study. >> to help you with this? tell us about people who put this together. >> this was led by one of our community artists, whitney frazier. there were a lot of people in the community. the people behind us. >> they did a great job. can you tell us about the hamilton street festival?
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what will be happening today? >> this is the 18th year for the hamilton festival and it is called the street festival and cause a car show. for 18 years now, it has been growing and growing. 80 vendors will be aired here today. some classic cars will start to show up soon. we have some other non-profit, business, commercial-type of vendors. we also had 16 bands on two different stages and a lot more activities going on. >> it sounds like a lot of fun today. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> the hamilton street festival is today from 11:00-7:00 on hamilton avenue. for more information, you can go to our web site, >> do you feel like a winner? you should. the maryland lottery joins us with their hot 5.
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>> these people are dressing up as their favorite japanese anime characters. we take you to the convention. >> we had it to the movies this weekend and we have a look at what you should see. >> dr. kim is here to enter your pet questions. you can still send them in to
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>> welcome back.
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time for the lottery hot 5. great to see you. as soon as we leave, my mother will call. the lottery it is always in demand. cash to go is a $1 ticket, a top prize $1,000. it is over 70% sold and the number of top prizes remaining -- 7. great golden 8 is a $2. over 70% are sold in the number of top prizes remaining are two. next up is it prize line. , a $3 ticket, a top prize $40,000, higher than normal, the number of top prizes remaining are fighting and you can win a free to dollar ticket by playing this multi match game. the multi match jackpot is $1.40
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million on monday. amazint 8 is $5, top prize $50,000 and it has just launched. lots of prizes available. 8 $50,000 top prize is it and you can enter this online into the double chants contest. >> this is a new one? >> it is. if you want to watch the orioles and get in on the second chance contest, that goes on until september 6th the. there is a field of dreams prize as a you can get baseball lessons from the orioles player. >> do you get to pick a player? >> i do not know. do you have someone in mind? [laughter] last but not least, extreme cash lost, $20 a ticket, a $1 million top prize. it is 92% sold and there is
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still the top prize remaining. on a $20 ticket, you can come in and this woman won $1 million in the platinum rewards. >> i guess a lot of people are calling eda. -- edna. >> $133 powerball jackpot. go get your tickets. >> when you say it is 70% sold, that means your chance of getting the big prize are pretty good? >> absolutely. there are that if you left out there with that big prize to go for. >> thank you, carol. stay cool. thanks. >> if you are heading downtown this weekend, chances are you'll see some unusual sites around the baltimore convention center.
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the city is alive with japanese anime characters at this convention, an event that draws tens of thousands from around the world. if you like to people watch, the baltimore convention center this weekend is way better than the airport. thousands are waiting in lines that wrap around the building just to get in to this anime- con. >> it can be confused with comic con which are just comic books. >> most come dressed as their favorite characters. >> i'm from "panda hero." >> i'm from "soul eater." >> i am a fashion designer. >> i'm jobless. >> this draws people from all
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over the world, an estimated 30,000 people, and it will include a huge relief effort for japan and activities involving other city venues. >> the baltimore city orchestra is hosting one of the composer's for final fantasy, one of the video game franchise that is extremely popular. >> bands would never miss it. >> it to be 130, and i would never miss it. >> this is a haven for us. >> it is a place where there is other people like you. >> that is not something that everyone understands. >> i have no idea what to think about this. i have never seen this in this kind of heat. they all deserve reward. >> a lot of nice people are definitely enjoying their passion. the convention monsters sunday. do not go away. we will answer your pet questions when we come back. first, a look at some events going on around town.
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>> live from tv hill, wbal-tv 11 news. >> joining us now is dr. kim hammond to answer your pet questions. and this is bolt. >> this is a siberian husky, and great fun dog. >> those trademark blue eyes
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there. >> this dog wants to be everybody's pal. >> why do i think he should be shorter and stockier? he's white instead of grey. >> he's taller. " rime. --grade "a prime. mush! >> not in this weather. my dog has been diagnosed with arthritis and has been diagnosed with glucosamine. we have a hard time trying to get him to take those pills. >> some are tasty and are wrapped in a labor-based coatings. you could change the type of bill you are using. or we have these. it is genius. there's a hole in it, the dog
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gobbles it up. they're pill packets or pockets. take something like that, cut it up. >> they'll go after it. ok. all right. he wants to play. we are trying to get the dog to stop working at passing cars. are there any devices in the market that work that will not hurt him? >> it is a training process. barking at cars is a big deal. this is my comments. if you know how to use a "shock collar" that sounds scary, but it's not. it can be turned down. every time that it barks, it will get a little shocked and it will stop it. it is not a horrible thing. if you do not turn it up, it is perfect. >> but they learn by association
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of. >> every time they bark, they get a shock. then afterwards, you put a dummy caller on. >> my cat is turning 17. congratulations. are there any health concerns i should look out for? this is one old cat. >> bolt. [laughter] health concerns in a 70-year-old cat? absolutely. the best thing to do is to see your veterinarian a couple of times per year to get a health check because these can sneak up really quickly when you are 17. simply, see your veterinarian. bolt, i'm changing your name to jolt. where'd he go? 17 is incredible.
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bolt, come here, buddy. [whistles] >> we'll be back. stick around. >> he's at the weather wall. >> i'm waiting for him to come on set. oh, my gosh. 9:27, warm, and interesting. one helicopter crashed sends a person to the hospital. >> said that all accidents at the construction site at the anne arundel mills slots mall.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is wbal-tv 11 news saturday morning. >> welcome back. thank you for joining as. >> let's take another look outside with john. >> we finally caught bolt. everything is fine. warm, hot, but not as hot as yesterday. we hit a record 101 degrees. >> that is relative. >> right now, it is 83 with a scattering of clouds. the barometer is up and rising.
9:30 am
northwest wind at 7 miles per hour. downtown, 85 degrees. we never dropped out of the 80's this morning downtown. by any measure, it will still be a hot weekend, but not quite as hot as yesterday's 101 degrees. >> it was a dangerous day friday on the construction site of the anne arundel mills mall. >> one man killed and another injured. officials say it happened where the slots parlor is being built. barry simms has more from hanover. >> we have moved from a rescue operation to a recovery operation. >> this 27-year-old construction worker died. the same mall also struck a 25- year-old man, suazo-jimenez, of manassas. the injured man was taken by ambulance to shock trauma in baltimore. >> it is unclear exactly what
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happened other than they were working at the site and the individual that was struck and trapped under the wall was in a lift, working from a lift when the wall came down. >> firefighters responded to this parking lot just after 10:00 a.m. this is where the company is building the maryland casino. the wall that fell is estimated to be 30 feet by 40 feet and the construction team had significant challenges for rescue crews. not quite unstable ground surfaces, unstable pieces of a building. >> the high temperatures were also a concern. >> they he is a significant factor. we actually operate under a work-rust cycles and today we could only get 50 minutes out of each crew. we work for 15 minutes and there is a mandatory rest for 45 minutes.
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>> in response, the company sent out a statement saying their prayers are with the families of the construction workers. reporting from hanover in anne arundel county, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one man is recovering after a helicopter crash. they were responding around by the clock 30 p.m. and the 35- year-old pilot was transported with non-life-threatening injuries. after the aircraft landed, it started to shake violently on the ground. >> the pilot and they had already landed the helicopter and was going through a normal powering down procedure when, in their words, something happened. >> right now, no word on what caused the crash. the faa is investigating. >> it is often difficult to find
9:33 am
direction in your life. but we are introduced to a young man who not only survived a tough childhood but is helping the next generation. >> marcus alvarez has something in common with many of them children he is helping at this summer camp in dallas. >> i can understand what he is going for. sometimes they just need an extra hand. >> they grow up much like him. when you see this 17-year-old smile as he helps in the classroom, you would never know he spent his childhood watching his father get arrested several times and his mother worked long hours to raise the family's four children in irving. >> i would see her come in at 10:00 at night and i would just work the extra mile. >> that has taken this high- school senior to the top of his
9:34 am
class. it is the first person in his family that will go to college. >> are you excited for your birthday? how old you turning back >> bank of america is sponsoring his internship for volunteering so many hours in the community. >> he was not looking to change the world at the top, but he was looking within his family. he could change his family first and then look outside. >> to help support his family, he started his own business, pulling the piano at weddings and other events. he does plan to change the world some parting with the smallest ones around him. -- starting with the smallest ones. >> that was neat. the new movies that are out, are they worth the price of admission? >> exercising is not just good for the body, but it can reduce your chances of dementia. details in this morning and's "woman's dr.."
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>> the insta-we
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>> your insta-weather + forecast. >> the cold front slipped to the stock last night and the rain also seated is to the west which has dissipated. the radar is picking up a few sprinkles in west virginia. other than that, not much. you can see the thin cloud is depicted on the radar running west to east across the middle of your screen. 83 at the airport, 85 at the inner harbor. it is kind of agree with the pin deck of cloudiness. the humidity is down a bit this morning. we will not be as he met during
9:38 am
the day today, not quite as hot, but still hot. but that where we are starting. 84 annapolis, saul's barry, 85, 84 on the boardwalk. 84 frederick. still a few 60's in the mountain, those green shades you see. the orange color are temperatures in the 80's. we will get into the 90's later on. here is the cloud deck, the boundary between the dry air coming in from the north and the moist air being displaced to the south bank of the actual front this out of us right now. the wind has become northwesterly behind the front which will help to filter in the drier air. it is not really canadian air, but coming out of the central part of the u.s., where they have been very warm. it will take some of the
9:39 am
tropical moisture out of the atmosphere. by the way, tropical depression don is inland in south texas. there is some rain, but that is it. a new tropical wave in the atlantic and they are investigating it now. wind is 35 gusting to 45, getting more organized. a very good chance it will become the next tropical system in the atlantic. emily would be the name, and it could be in the caribbean by the end of the week. partly cloudy and hot today, but not as hot or humid as yesterday. 90-95 for the height. northwest wind. on debate, northwind 5-10 knots. but the greatest rain chance will be to our south over the weekend. as far north as we are, the rain
9:40 am
chance is about nothing. ocean city to pick up something here and there is a chance each day. today and tomorrow, partly cloudy, a good weekend weather, with rain chances picking up on monday. 93 today, 92 tomorrow, as far as the humidity is concerned, not terrible, not extreme. 20% chance for isolated storms by the end of the day monday of, and a higher chance by the end of the week. >> we know that exercise is good for you. it keeps your heart healthy in your brain. in a study found that those who exercise regularly had a significantly reduced chance of dementia. that is worth getting on the treadmill. >> esther is a woman who takes her exercise seriously and always has. she loves to shop, a volunteer,
9:41 am
and she is a walker. >> the first thing i did this morning, i was walking at 6:30 a.m. i just get up and did it. >> one of the reasons that she is so capable and energetic is probably due to the fact that she is a long time exerciser. >> with exercise, you decrease the risk of developing vascular diseases in the brain which translates into less chance of dementia. >> those who had more regular exercise had a 40% chance better to not get dementia. >> i think the fact that i have walked all of my life, truly, i started when i was young, and i have always enjoyed walk in. >> how old are you?
9:42 am
>> 95. >> you are not. >> yes. >> seriously? >> july 1st, 1916. >> i would not have believed you. >> thank you. thank you. [laughter] >> donna hamilton, wbal-tv 11 news. >> she is a testament to exercise. they do so much for coming in to talk to us this morning. this study looked at exercise as relates to a smaller vascular diseases? >> yes. patients were followed for six years and they were asked about their exercise activities and at the end of the six years, we did it mri to determine whether or not they had silent vascular diseases. the people who had moderately intense exercise on am regular
9:43 am
basis decrease their chance for dementia by 40%. >> so many things can be helped by exercise. >> absolutely. it increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and now there's evidence to show it can decrease your risk of developing dementia. >> does matter when you start? >> it is never too late to start. starting earlier prevents the risk of developing diseases, but it is never too late to start. >> had a you know the intensity of the exercise it and have -- and whether or not it will help all with dementia or other areas. >> the study suggests that more intense, the more helpful. those who would work out on the treadmill or did swimming or tennis, they had a greater benefit than those who did light
9:44 am
exercise in, like walking or perhaps playing golf. it is never too late to start. you can start with lighter exercise and build up the intensity. >> have you know if you are working hard enough? >> the recommendation is that you exercise for 30 minutes five times per week. and in addition to that, try to do more intense exercise, 20 minutes, three times per week. >> working overtime. do that and side. thank you for coming. if you have any other questions or would like a referral compound 1-800-md-mercy. are you thinking about seeing a movie this weekend? we have the reviews. a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> it is time to take a look at what is new in the adores. -- in theaters. >> "cowboys and aliens" and the most horribly titled. the problem with the execution is that it is as literal-minded as the movie itself. take a western with all of the cliches, then taken alien movie or a sci-fi and mash the m together. this is a fanboy dream.
9:48 am
also the cowboys, of some aliens come and have them fight. -- awesome cowboys, awesome aliens. daniel craig is the lead, the lonesome gunman. he wakes up in the desert with no clue who he is. he has this contraction on his wrist. he is great in this film and he almost single-handedly saved it. daniel craig has a certain gravitas. you just want to stare at him. he almost holds the movie together on his own. harrison ford is planning of this land barron. his son has been kidnapped by the aliens and he is teaming up with daniel craig, a good guy ing maybe bad guty comeign
9:49 am
together. i miss his cavalier thing. he is playing gruff and grouchy. i want him to lighten up. i wanted the whole movie to lighten up. it would have worked better as a parody. this is dreict -- directed by jon favreau, the guy who did "iron man." it's cowboys. it's aliens. i wanted it to be fun and reinvent the genre. it felt like they were just put together. 2 stars. >> next, "crazy, stupid, love."
9:50 am
>> if you would have asked me what thelma was looking forward to come i would have said "crazy, stupid, love." ryan goslin, steve carrell, emma stone. i had high expectations, and i was slightly disappointed, but i did like it. i would up nearly recommended. it is my pick of the week. steve carrell's wife has left him. gosling is a good lucking -- looking ladies man. to pick up carrell pic ladies. the theme is to find your soul mate. i like gosling in a comedic role. the overarching theme of the
9:51 am
movie was not that interesting. the store was a cliche, but all the details and acting were really high. 3 stars for "crazy, stupid, love." ." -- >> a better pick than "cowboys?" >> yes. >> see if the ravens go full speed ahead or slow and steady as the free
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>> the ravens are taking a wait and see approach to the open free agent market, but they are now waiting to see you the first round pick smith. he will wear no. 22 and he has all of the traits of a shutdown corner. 26 pick overall matching up nicely against fellow rookie. jimmy will have a bright future as the ravens starting quarterback. he will more than likely start. he knows he must not be handed that job, but he says he believes to be ready for it. what he was not ready for was the intensity of practice. he decided to get his legs ready ahead of time. >> i got up at 10:00 last night and ran a couple of miles to get my juices flowing for the run test this morning. after that i was like, well. it was a tough day, but i
9:55 am
thought i got a lot workplace -- of work done. >> you do not always have to get your running a done the night before practice begins. the ravens will put pads on today and will practice out. with the free agent market opened, the biggest name in the market has moved to the philadelphia eagles who nabbed him up. it came as a surprise after it was the dallas cowboys and the new york jets to appeared to be the route one-two for his services, but the deal is a big one. five years, $60 million, $25 million guaranteed. here is some perspective on how much he will make. $187,000 every quarter of every game. landry will not make nearly that much, but it appears he will cash his name -- next check in jacksonville.
9:56 am
he has reportedly agreed to a deal with the jaguars. free-agent tackle has visited the raiders, but has not yet agreed to a deal. jackson served on the coaching staff and played last tackle. he remains a force, but his inability to stay healthy remains a concern in the nfl. he spent all last season on the sidelines with back injuries. i am gerry sandusky and i hope your weekend is often a fantastic start. >> welcome it is a hot one. the orioles won last night against the yankees in new york 4-2. >> michael phelps won his 3rd gold in the championships. >> it will feel better tomorrow. >> have a great day everybody.
9:57 am
>> be sure you are back tonight from 11 news at 6:00. >> this is a wbal-tv 11 news editorial from president and general manager dan joerres. >> we welcome the ravens back to the playing field. the end of the lockout is the beginning of the season. wbal-tv 11 and wbal am is glad this is over. the players turned into the
9:58 am
discussions and but dissipated in workouts. now that an agreement has been reached, we can abri the one collective sigh and say, "let the games begin." since their arrival in 1996, baltimore has welcomed them with open arms. even without training camp of being open to the public, the roar of the crowd is ready for the preseason to the super bowl to cheer on our team. there is nothing like a team of our own, and we probably say, "welcome home, ravens." "welcome home, ravens."
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